"The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose"

-Richard Grant


Identity, Intersectionality, and Social Context in Critical Domains


One line of research for Ben T Blankenship primarily examines the interplay of various social identities across various critically important contexts, including education and politics. This work largely employs a feminist psychology perspective, drawing upon theories of intersectionality and identity dimensionality. 


Example research questions from this line of research:

 How do intersecting social identities and their various levels of importance and regard influence the socialized importance of schooling and education? 

How do various social identities interact with personality and individual differences to influence individual's political leanings and activism?   

In what ways do our existing theories in personality and social psychology not account for the experiences of the most marginalized groups (e.g. "The Best Little Boy in the World Hypothesis" for women and gender non-conforming minorities)? 

Gendered Stereotypes, Stereotype Threat, and Identity in STEM


Another line of research for Ben T Blankenship examines the interplay of the self, the other, and social context for marginalized individuals in majority-group dominated educational and occupational fields, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Specifically, he is interested in how gendered stereotypes of minority groups (women & sexual minorities) interact with contexts that are stereotypically masculine.

 Example research questions from this line of research: 

How do gendered stereotypes of gay men and lesbians influence straight STEM students' feelings of acceptance and fit for this group in this context?

How do gendered stereotypes of gay men and lesbians contribute to stereotype threat in masculine contexts, such as STEM? 

How are counter-stereotypical women helped or hurt in contexts which ostensibly value counter-stereotypical traits (e.g. masculinity)?