Abigail J.  Stewart & The Gender and Personality in Context Lab 

Abigail Stewart is Sandra Schwartz Tangri Distinguished University Professor and Director of the University of Michigan ADVANCE Program. The U-M ADVANCE Program is a multi-level program designed to improve the campus environment for all faculty—particularly women and underrepresented minorities-- in terms of recruitment, retention, climate and leadership. She is past Director of the Women’s Studies Program and the founding Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender. Professor Stewart has published many scholarly articles and several books, focusing on the feminist theory and the psychology of women’s lives, personality, and adaptation to personal and social changes. Her current research, which combines qualitative and quantitative methods, includes comparative analyses of longitudinal studies of educated women’s lives and personalities; a collaborative study of race, gender and generation in the graduates of a Midwest high school; and research on gender and science and with students and faculty.

AbiGail J. Stewart

AbiGail J. Stewart


Gender and Personality in Context Lab (2015)

Top (Left to Right): Ben Blankenship, Amy Moors, Abby Stewart, & Janet Malley.
Bottom (Left to Right): Jennifer Frederick, Ozge Savas, Yidi Li, Ronni Greenwood.
Not Pictured: Kevin Goodman

This group welcomes participation by faculty and students with interests in personality and gender in context. We are broadly inclusive, and use our meetings (usually alternate weeks) for informal discussion of disciplinary issues, professional socialization (career development, journal reviewing, etc.), and articles, as well as more formal presentations (usually for practice). We try to maintain an informal collegial atmosphere, and enjoy collaborating with other UM faculty and students and with visitors with shared interests.

Individuals’ current interests are outlined on their own web pages, as are the interests of some of the recent alumni/ae of the lab.



Stereotyping and Prejudice Research Interest Group (2015)

Top (Left to Right): Izzy Gainsburg, Arnold Ho, & Steven Roberts.
Bottom (Left to Right): Veronica Derricks, Jes Matsick, Denise Sekaquaptewa, Yidi Li, Adrienne Dougherty, Ben Blankenship, & Neil Lewis, Jr.
Not Pictured: Arianna Orvell & Koji Takahashi

Denise Sekaquaptewa & The Stereotyping and Prejudice Research Interest Group

Denise Sekaquaptewa's experimental research program focuses on implicit stereotyping, prejudice, stereotype threat, and effects of category salience on test performance and academic motivation. Her current projects include studies of how environmental factors influence women students in math and science, and how stereotypes affect interracial communication.

Sekaquaptewa Lab

Sekaquaptewa Lab