Interested in being a research assistant for the Structural Oppression as Feelings, Attitudes, and Behaviors Lab? The lab will officially begin to meet starting in Spring 2020, but we are recruiting now! 


·        Volunteer with at least 6 hour/week commitment (More if you like!)

·         Bi-weekly lab meeting attendance

·         Assist with lab duties, including:

           o   Recruiting participants

           o   Distributing surveys online

           o   Cleaning data

           o   Gathering research articles

           o   Brainstorming research ideas

           o   Other duties as assigned


·         Possibility to gain position for research credit 

·         Possible letters of recommendation

·         Valuable research experience (essential for anyone applying to graduate school!)

·         Flexible volunteer schedule (work as you are able)

·         Invaluable advice on applying to graduate school and next steps after college

If this sounds like a position that interests you, please fill out this brief application. Dr. Blankenship will contact you to update you on your application status at the beginning or end of the semester. Thank you for your interest!